YourGoodSkin by Boots Review

When it comes to budget beauty products, Boots may have just raised the stakes thanks to its new skincare range that is fairly reasonable.

The pharmacy’s first brand in 15 years, the line-up features 23 products that are formulated without parabens and they cover cleansing and hydration as well as more problem-specific concerns. It focuses primarily on prevention rather than cure with each designed to help tackle the root of common skin ailments. Furthermore, with its development having been led by Dr. Mike Bell, whose previous projects have included the hugely successful No7 Protect & Perfect Serum and Intense Advanced Serum, Lift & Luminate Day and Night Serums and Restore and Renew Day & Night Serum, it’s safe to say that it joins an impressive high street dynasty.

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Incorporating cleansers, wipes, masks, and scrubs, the cleansing collection allows you to mix and match your skin cleansing routine depending on your mood, format preference, minutes on the clock or how much makeup you need to remove. Gentle enough for sensitive skin without compromising on effective ingredients like Green Tea and Vitamins C and E, your complexion will be left refreshed, well balanced and looking radiant.

1. Moisturising Make-up wipes

Still the most popular go-to for speedy cleansing, these mild moisture wipes don’t just remove everyday grit and grime, but all traces of make-up too. With Bisabolol, a soothing active found in Chamomile, the mild formulation is non-drying and non-tightening. Priced at AED 30, these wipes are totally worth the price. I have been using these daily even on those days when I’m not wearing any makeup. They are perfect for a first cleanse. I love the fact that they’re nicely drenched in the product. I usually use one wipe but when I’m wearing makeup then I use two. I would repurchase these.



2. Refreshing Face Wash

A refreshing, non-drying cleanser with handy pump applicator for a mess-free wash, this has been formulated to ensure skin feels soft and energized. Your face will feel fresh and look brighter. It is priced at AED 60. The consistency is a bit runny for my liking. I need two to three pumps daily. It doesn’t lather much and has a very mild scent. After using it for 28 days, I can state that it doesn’t break me out and is a good cleanser if not excellent. I wouldn’t repurchase this.


3. Energizing Facial Scrub

Putting the radiance into a dull looking skin, the Energizing Facial Scrub will reinvigorate and brighten lackluster complexions. Use twice a week to brighten skin and create a better base for your make-up. It is priced at AED 50. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing this.



Support the healthy appearance of your skin with YourGoodSkinTM Day and Night Creams.  Use after your cleanser and Balancing Skin Concentrate to moisturize, help protect and rebalance the skin.

4. SPF30 Anti-oxidant Day Cream 

A lightweight day cream with SPF 30 protection. Defends & cares, helping to protect skin from the UV Damage. Sunscreen formulas these days are less janky than their predecessors, but drugstore options still don’t blend well. YourGoodSkin’s Day Cream, however, is simply great. On the hydration front, the lotion melts into skin with the heft of a serious cream; my skin felt soft and smooth all day long. It is in no way a “mattifying” formula and perhaps not ideal for the balmy dog days of summer, but I can’t think of a better, more affordable moisturizer to use for the current weather climate and the winter days to come. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing this.


YourGoodSkin’s Day Cream is powered by an SPF factor of 30, though it won’t leave an ashy-white cast on skin. It has a subtle ambiguous “lotiony” fragrance, but I stopped noticing the scent within 20 minutes of my morning application. It includes a dose of vitamin C to help with hyperpigmentation and green tea to fight blotchy skin, but don’t buy it for those ingredients — there are far more effective serums elsewhere. Do, however, buy it for its face-protecting properties. For AED 70, it’s worth it. For me its the best winter sunscreen!

5. ProVitamin Overnight Cream

Designed to rebalance moisture levels while you sleep, this night rescuer helps you wake up to skin that looks healthy and feels replenished.  You’ll give the impression that you’ve had your full eight hours, whether you have or not. It is priced at AED 70. This is a very light overnight cream, not too heavy or greasy! I like that it absorbs well and has a very pleasant scent to it.  It makes my skin incredibly soft and smooth after applying and I wake up with it still feeling that way!  I use a little more then I do with the day cream, I just like the way it feels on my face! Having said that, I have used some very rich night creams that work more on skin repair so I would not buy this again.


My Verdict on YourGoodSkin

It’s the first time that I have tested out six products at the same time from a single brand and I’m not complaining. On the whole, I love YourGoodSkin as a brand because it doesn’t focus on only a single skin concern but the whole line of Your Good Skin products is divided into six major skin concerns such as Cleanse, Restore, Moisturize, Hydrating, Mattifying, and Acne Clearing so each of the lines has various products that cater to that particular concern. However, consumers can combine remedies from opposing categories to meet their skincare needs.


Your Good Skin helps all consumers to find the treatment that keeps their skin the healthiest. Rather than focusing on hiding blemishes or soothing wrinkles, all the remedies work towards healthy skin. Once the skin is healthy, it’s easy to have the desired clarity and smoothness, regardless of the toxins around the user.

If you want to change your approach to your complexion, then the Your Good Skin brand is likely to have something for you to try.




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