Derma E Very Clear moisturizer

Being a beauty blogger may seem very glamorous to some as we get to try some of the most luxurious and expensive beauty products for review purpose. But nobody thinks of the fears that a blogger faces while trying out a new product. I for one don’t like using products that have chemicals in them, that may give quick temporary results but might also cause long-term irreversible damage to the skin. Some might even have steroids in them which are responsible for weight gain. So I do thorough research before accepting any samples for reviews.

But Derma E is an exception. It has become my favorite and most trusted brand because I’ve had an excellent experience with its all natural products. Before trying out their products I had even done my own research on this brand and was pleased to find that it has a very good reputation not only among bloggers but in general as well. The reason for its popularity is that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals but uses all natural ingredients instead. I’ve been using Derma E Makeup Remover for quite some time now and simply love it because it is very mild on my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation even in the under eye area.

A month ago I was given the Derma E Very Clear moisturizer and Acne Cleanser by the caring Derma E team, based on my skin assessment. Since I have acne prone combination skin, so I was recommended the Derma E Very Clear range with Tea Tree & herbal anti-blemish complex.


Derma E Very Clear moisturizer:

This is a great moisturizer for my combination skin. I have been using it twice a day as a day cream & a night cream after I cleanse. It balances my skin, leaving it soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning.


It comes in a jar, which I feel is very unhygienic if you accidentally put your unclean or sweaty hands in the jar. So I use a small spatula to scoop out the desired amount of cream.

Smell & texture:

Now I know there are many who don’t like its woody scent but I personally love the tea tree scent. To me, it smells clean and fresh! The texture of this moisturizer is thick. It gets absorbed into your skin easily and doesn’t feel greasy at all.


This is the most effective cream for acne spots, almost magical. I have not had a breakout since using this and the few pimples I had when I started using this, just faded away with no red spots (only if I don’t pick them of course). I can’t get over how balanced, soft, and clear my skin looks after using this. The only problem I have with this cream is that my face feels very dry, almost stretchy when I apply this. I feel that the dryness is because it balances out the oils in the skin. As long as it’s healing my skin, I don’t mind the dryness.

All natural products work amazingly well for me and this one is my current favorite. This is really a great cream for me because it even keeps the redness on my cheeks under control. I don’t even need to use a full coverage foundation anymore to hide the redness and blemishes.

Clears Acne Scars:

This moisturizer is not only great to balance your skin out but I’ve found that it also helps acne scars heal much faster. After applying it day & night for almost two weeks, I noticed that my acne scars had started healing to actually smooth skin. I applied on the same area for almost a month and it has faded out almost completely.



I use a normal application all over my face twice a day. At night I like to dab some extra cream, just a tad bit over the scarred area that is inflamed so that I can still see the white of the cream over the area and then go to sleep. This has been very effective in reducing the pimple size overnight.

Cons :

Like I said earlier that the packaging is a cause of concern for me as I find jars to be unhygienic. Secondly, I feel that some might find it to be a bit too pricey. Also, the tea tree or woody smell might be a put off for some.

Verdict :

If you have combination to oily skin or have issues with spots and acne scars, this is a must have product. It is perfect for people who have suffered from acne for years. With regular application of this cream, you can avoid permanent scarring. Highly recommended by me because this is one moisturizer that actually gives results that it promises.

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