Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser

This is a cleansing gel and not a cleansing lotion as some might think because of its name. It’s more of a face wash. Since I used it along with the Very Clear moisturizer hence it is difficult for me to say if it would work as effectively on its own as it did with the moisturizer. But I love the way it feels on your face when you apply it. It doesn’t lather at all which is very strange. It is just like applying a gel on your face and it wouldn’t lather no matter how much I massage my face with it. I like that feeling.
Packaging :

It comes in a long plastic bottle with a pump head which makes it very convenient & hygienic to use. The 175 ml bottle is huge enough to last me for  3 months since I’m the only one using it and I’m no mood to share this with anyone.


The Claims :
“Gently remove built-up oil and debris, help unclog pores and clarify skin while reducing redness and irritation with this daily cleanser. With an Anti-Blemish Complex of natural ingredients Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rosewood, Lavender and Chamomile shown to be very effective on blemish-prone skin, this formula delivers natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties leaving skin purer, clearer and healthier. Regular use will help balance your complexion and your skin’s own oil-producing capabilities to help reduce the occurrence of breakouts. Will not leave a residue or irritate the skin. For best results use with derma e® Very Clear® Moisturizer, Very Clear® Spot Treatment and Very Clear® Scrub.”
Smell & Texture :

Like Derma E very Clear moisturizer, this cleanser also has tea tree oil in it, hence some might find the woody smell to be very overwhelming especially in the mornings. But like I said that I have used a lot of tea tree products over the years, so I’ve grown used to the tea tree smell and I don’t mind it. Talking about the texture, it is thick & transparent gel like in consistency.

 After effects:
 As soon as I apply it, I can feel a gentle cooling effect on my face. It has reduced my acne significantly, and I have not had a single large, deep, painful pimple ever since I’ve been using it. I find my skin doesn’t feel oily with this cleanser, in fact it feels clear and well-balanced. It also helps to calm my skin and reduce redness. I have tried almost all the herbal and natural face washes that are targeted at acne prone skin, but none of them have shown me the results like this one has.
I pump out little product and apply it on my face. It is gel like in consistency and doesn’t lather like other face washes, which is a good thing. Due to tea tree oil, it tingles upon application, but I actually enjoy the sensation as I imagine it killing all the bacteria and healing my skin.

Over the years I’ve learnt one lesson that for acne washes to work well, it is important to leave them on the face for about 2 minutes. So I massage it on my face gently for about a minute and leave it on for another minute before rinsing it off.

Also, immediately after rinsing, there is a bit of an oily film left on the skin. I believe this is probably the oils in the cleanser and it took me a few days to get used to the film residue. I don’t dry my face with a towel. However, after 5 to 10 minutes, the oil absorbs into the skin and my face feels very clean and smooth. Since it is probably these oils that keep the acne at bay and condition the skin, so it’s a good thing.


dermaE cleanser

Cons :

I can’t think of any because I simply love this cleanser. But if I have to give one then I would say the same that its medicated woody smell might be a bummer for some.

My Verdict:

This is a great cleanser for blemish prone and acne prone skin. It helps keep my skin clear and washes away dirt, sweat and grime. Great product to keep the stubborn teen acne at bay. I would give this cleanser a Highly Recommended stamp from my side!

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