Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream

Hi again. Today I’m going to talk about Clarins hand & nail treatment cream. For all those who think that a hand cream isn’t as essential as a face cream, then think again. Our hands are most functional yet neglected part of our body. They genuinely need care and protection from environmental conditions.

Now if you claim taking good care of your hands by using a body lotion for a hand massage, just a quick note from me here- the skin of our hands (top of the hands and the palms) is different from the skin of our body. The skin on top of our hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands. Hence it tends to get dry quickly. On the other hand, the skin of our palms is very thick and requires deep hydration. So to keep our hands soft and moisturized, we need a good quality hand cream. And what more could you ask for if your hand cream is also a nail treatment cream?


hands cream

Product Details

“Professional, emollient-rich treatment — with soothing Sesame Oil and fortifying Japanese Mulberry — forms an invisible protective “glove” that shields hands from the elements, minimizing signs of aging. Softens and comforts dry, chapped, irritated skin. Helps strengthen nails and condition cuticles for youthful-looking hands, naturally.”


Like many things in the Clarins range, the packaging is minimalist and simple. Nothing fancy, the cream comes in a squeeze tube in plain white packaging with a screw cap. The cream is also a semi thick opaque white when squeezed out. The 30ml is a good size to throw into your handbag, keep at your desk, have in your car etc.

Essential Ingredients

The hand cream contains Sesame Oil extracts that provide moisturization, Shea Butter to nourish the hands and protect them against the environment, Japanese Mulberry extract to reduce aging spots, and Myrrh to strengthen nails.


This one has a floral, powdery kind of scent, slightly strong which you either like or dislike. I find it comforting.

Color, Consistency & Texture

Clarins Hand & Nail treatment cream comes in soft beige color but has a colorless finishing. I love the fact that it has a velvety matte finishing. Soft, smooth and creamy, not too thick yet rich. As for the claims, yes it does soften hands, I don’t have any age spots on my hands (yet,) so I can’t comment on its effectiveness on age spots; I do agree that it strengthens nails.


I have this tube on my dresser and I usually reapply every time I wash my hands. It doesn’t stain my keyboard or mobile’s screen but it does get a bit slippery when in contact with water. Just wash it off completely and you’ll be fine.

It is suitable for all skins, I suffer from dry hands particularly during winters and especially when I have to wash them all the time and this cream does help to moisturize them and make them feel a bit better. I have started to get rough dry patches too, for which I combine this and a balm and it works pretty well.


It is not a very greasy product, yet has a rich formula. It sinks in almost instantly. It moisturizes good, but I don’t find it particularly long-lasting. It did make my cuticles look well conditioned and over a period of time, I have noticed it improved the strength of my nails. My nails have a tendency to peel. Also, my hands appear to look more even in texture and not so wrinkly and dry.

My Verdict

Although it is a good hand cream but I need something more moisturizing for my dry hands. For night time treatment, I would prefer a bit more rich and nourishing product. It is good for daytime use though, because it is not greasy and disappears almost instantly, not to mention it feels and smells very luxurious.

It’s priced at AED 125 at Sephora. Clarins products are available in the main perfumeries and Department Stores across the Middle East.

You can find the location of their stores on their website.



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