Izil Multi-purpose Argan Oil:

I am a sucker for organic oils. I use them daily as part of my skincare routine. I use them as cleansers, healers, moisturizer, makeup removers, in masks and whatever other use one can think of.

For years I’ve been using coconut oil and olive oil for hair, olive oil as a moisturizer, castor oil for thicker eyebrows, almond oil for getting rid of under eye dark circles and products with argan oil like shampoo, conditioner and serums to strengthen and tame my mane.

Still, although I am a big fan of argan oil, it was only but recently that I have tried out Izil natural argan beauty’s 100 percent bio argan oil to check whether organic argan oil will be any good for my skin and hair. So I’ve been using it for quite some time now on my face, hands, and hair and will share my experience in this review to shed light on the skincare & hair care benefits of Izil Beauty Argan oil.


Origin of Argan Oil:

First I’d like to share some interesting facts that I’ve read on Wikipedia that Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world because of the small and very specific areas that the tree grows.

The tree is known as the Argania Spinosa and it grows in Morocco and a few other places in the world, which is why for many years this oil was not known to most of the Western World.

However, because it is so beneficial and healthy to the skin, hair, and nails, it was bound to become known around the world sooner or later and now argan oil is in high demand especially for its use as a separate skin care & hair care product or used as an ingredient in beauty products.

Skincare Benefits:

I love how convenient is the spray bottle to use. Argan oil is a wonderful moisturizer as it gets quickly absorbed into the skin, boosting its natural moisture and not just staying on the surface of the skin, but penetrating deep into its layers. It has a very mild pleasant smell which fades away within a few seconds just like olive oil.


I have been using it mainly as a night moisturizer and it is totally nongreasy but feels so rich on my face. I like to spray a little on my hands and then massage my face gently with it. After a few days, I started noticing how elastic and hydrated my skin started feeling.



Having an acne prone combination skin, I see that Argan oil keeps my skin more balanced and clean. It also has a light texture, which makes my face feel comfortable right after application.

By balancing the serum levels, it has helped reduce my acne breakouts to a great extent, without drying my skin. That is one quality that some natural oils have and people are not so familiar with, because they think that an oil will make their skin oilier but the truth is that the right natural oil can balance the skin better than many other promising over the counter skin care products. It has also lightened my acne scars and blemishes to a great extent.

Haircare Benefits:

Argan oil is an effective hair moisturizer for both men and women. The healing power of argan oil is quite amazing too. Due to the richness of the oil, it effectively conditions human hair. This oil also has therapeutic properties as it is rich with both Vitamin A and E.

I have been using Izil Argan oil for multiple purposes on my hair. After the shower, I use a few drops of this oil directly on my hair as a leave-in conditioner. Use it when your hair is still wet for the best results. The hydrating and moisturizing properties of this oil work wonderfully on my dry and damaged hair. It is a great product for those who regularly style their hair using a curl or straightening iron like I do.

Instead of using those high chemical hair styling products, I use this natural oil to style my hair every day. Hair styling products often contain harsh chemicals that affect the natural shine of the hair. Repetitive usage of chemicals on hair will damage hair shafts and the keratin protein naturally found in human hair. However, this oil works as a magic on my hair. It has effectively improved my hair’s texture by minimizing frizz and creating shine. Only a few drops of Izil argan oil will last the whole day and leave your hair looking great.

Before using the blow dryer or a styling iron on my hair, I use this oil as a safeguard product. The rich oil protects my hair from high heat and damages due to heat styling. Also, it provides my hair natural nourishment with lush locks and healthy shine.

Izil beauty Argan oil is an all-natural alternative to the chemical-laden beauty products you have in your home. I personally have witnessed its magical effects on my skin and hair. We should make the most of nature’s gift. Besides the antioxidants and the Omega-6 fatty acids help fight fine lines, reduce inflammation, heal acne, and minimize scars and stretch marks, and so much more.

I get asked quite often on my Snapchat that how to differentiate between an organic Argan Oil and Synthetic one. Like Izil argan oil, the natural one will be ‘made in Morocco’. But don’t get fooled by the name. ‘Moroccan oil’ isn’t pure Argan Oil. When you check the ingredients, there should be no other ingredients on the label other than argan oil. Natural Argan Oil had a very light natural smell which fades away shortly after applying it on your skin. The pure Argan oil will have a light yellowish color which proves that Izil Argan Oil is the real deal! Texture-wise pure Argan oil has a smooth feel to it. Anything heavy, gooey or stingy is more likely a diluted mixture.


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