Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50+ 3-in-1 tinted anti-dark spots review

You all know I’m all about sun protection, right? Even in the middle of a cold, freezing Winter. Yes, even then.

That’s because sun rays damage our skin even after the colder months of the year. And well, most of the colder months I’m using an active product and I’d need a good sunscreen anyway.

I believe in using sunscreen all year long. Even if it’s Winter the sun is still shining and causing pigmentation spots or making worse your Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), and Post Inflammatory Eythema (PIE).


Product Definition

Unifies instantly thanks to universal mineral pigments. Correct dark spots day after day thanks to its pigmented/colored formula enriched in Phe-Resorcinol, an innovative active ingredient against spots and protects from UVB/UVA rays.

PARABEN FREE. Hypoallergenic formula tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control.

Enriched with Vichy Thermal Water : soothing, fortifying and regenerating.

Clinically proven efficacy

19.2% of the spots are reduced after 8 weeks of use. Enhanced protection to the  UVA long.

Product Details

The Vichy Anti-Dark Spots cream is actually a tinted cream with high SPF (50). I love good sunscreens and if they are tinted and still offer a high protection from the Sun, then I’m a fan of them.

Sadly the Vichy Tinted Anti-Dark Spots cream doesn’t offer a variety of shades since it comes in one shade only which is orangish in color. Thank God that I’m not too pale so I somewhat like the healthy orangish tan effect that this sunscreen gives me.


The cream has a medium coverage, and that is awesome considering it’s a tinted sunscreen. 

Sadly it does apply streaky if you have dry patches because it’s ultra mattifying. So I’d say it’s only useful for combination or oily skin because this product is way too drying for other skins. Since I have a combination skin, so I have no serious application issues with this one.

The time between application and blending is really short so you have to blend it out immediately otherwise it dries out and gets patchy. Another trick that I use for application of this one, to give a natural healthy glow is that I apply it over my serum and moisturizer.


A little product goes a long way so I take one pea-sized drop of this in the palm of my hand and then I rub my hands on my face. This gives a very natural look. If I apply dots on my face and then blend it out, that makes me look very cakey and orangish.

Vichy IDEAL SOLEIL has an amazing scent! I love the idea of a tinted 3-in-1 sunscreen which also actively helps diminish sun spots with PhE-Resorcinol, a very potent Tyrosinase-inhibitor. In other words, it helps to prevent your skin to produce dark pigment. It is also oil-free and non-clogging, a must for all those who suffer from oily, acne-prone skin.

The tint is medium and adapts nicely to your own skin tone, as it is quite sheer. You might need to add some concealer with SPF on the darker spots, or dab on some UV-Protecting powder foundation. But overall, for a natural finish, Vichy IDEAL SOLEIL tinted anti-dark spots sunblock SPF 50 can be used instead of foundation.

The only reason why I wouldn’t repurchase this is that it is a chemical sunscreen.


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