My Travel Essentials

Sometimes when we’re traveling with our spouse, on a business trip and we know that we will be spending more time at the hotel rather than just exploring the new destination, then these are the essential products that you can pack with you.


Yes, the hotel will provide the shampoo, conditioner, and shower-gel frills but there really are some key items missing on their stock order.


Sunscreen: If you take only one item on holiday, let it be this. There is nothing more important when it comes to health and beauty than taking care in the sun and we highly recommend using no lower SPF than factor 30. You need to bring a body sun cream and a face SPF.




After sun, body lotion, body oil: It may seem excessive to pack all three moisturizing products but if your suitcase allows, do it. Use the after sun straight after the beach. For evenings, choose a lovely scented, deeply moisturizing butter and use an oil on your legs. You can reapply just before you go to bed to allow your body to absorb the maximum moisture it can overnight. This will help to prolong your tan and keep your skin nice and plump.


Facemask: For many people, a holiday is a chance to go au-natural, allow the skin to breathe and avoid having to wear make-up for a couple of weeks which we totally get. But, whether you fall into this camp or still maintain your normal beauty regime, the extra time you have whilst away is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and a facemask is a way to do so. Facemasks such as Elemis Trienzyme Moisturizing Face Mask will help to restore moisture alongside your normal night cream and rejuvenate the skin after sun exposure.


Straighteners or curlers and dry shampoo: Just because the hotel will have the hair cleaning products and a hairdryer, it doesn’t have the finishing touches to take your hair from day to night. Bring a set of stylers and a product such as a salt spray to get the ultimate beachy tousled look.


Face wash – Always wash off your makeup to keep your skin clear. You can use a liquid wash or even wipes, as long as you have something.


Tweezers – Keep your eyebrows in check with a pair of tweezers. These can also come in handy for medical related things (like removing splinters).

Deodorant- I prefer roll-on deodorants that promise 24 hours freshness. Even if you don’t carry your perfume, a deodorant is a must for tourists.



Note – Some of the images have been taken from Pinterest for illustrative purposes.

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