Elemis Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir

Hello, everyone. Today I will be reviewing the Elemis Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir.

Elemis Life Elixirs is a range of modern aromatics designed for the world on the move. When there is a need for mindfulness, but no time. Where wellness is strived for, but stress dominates. Whether you need to quieten your mind or bring things into sharp focus, the Elemis Life Elixirs range is a step forward into the future, using the powerful knowledge of the past. Five emotional aromatics available in perfume oils, bath & shower elixirs and candles, designed to support you throughout your day and to bring you back to yourself.

Skin-conditioning shower and bath oil.


Benefits: Grounds, Strengthens, Harmonizes

Essential Ingredients:

This empowering blend contains 19 essential oils including Geranium, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang, in a skin conditioning base of Amaranth and Bacuri oil. Leaves the skin beautifully scented and moisturized.

Proven to leave you feeling grounded and confident.

Stop. Breathe. Be Confident.


Don’t underestimate the power you hold within. Flow across the obstacles that come your way. Root yourself in the earth and know that you can take whatever’s coming. Empower your spirit. You have all the strength you need – now is the time to release it. Find your inner resolve.

Ylang Ylang anchors you, while Cedarwood harmonizes, Geranium restores your center and encourages confidence.

Feel grounded, determined and strong to the core.

This bath and shower oil has been expertly formulated with a unique complex of 4 beautiful oils consisting of Bacuri, Amaranth, Sweet Almond and Poppy Seed, and blended with up to 19 essential oils for maximum skin health. This complex synergy does not use single, high concentrations of any one essential oil, it is all about the total blend. However, as a precaution, ELEMIS would recommend not to use during pregnancy.


Add 3 capfuls to running bath water, or apply directly to skin whilst showering.


Mindfulness Tip

Stop, close your eyes, drop your shoulders and deeply inhale several times. When obstacles challenge your confidence, find inner resolve and strength.

My Verdict

From the moment I opened the packaging case and saw the beautiful glass bottle I knew this product was going to be something special and I wasn’t disappointed.
Although not particularly thick in consistency, a small drop really does go a long way. It lathered very easily and instantly felt luxurious to the skin. The Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang aromas have a spa-like scent which oozes richness and elegance and lasted on my skin through the day.
Unlike other brands that can leave your skin feeling tight and itchy, the Elemis Elixir certainly does not. After only a few uses my skin looks and feels noticeably softer and smoother but ultimately cleansed.
Since using this product I seem to be sleeping better at night and feeling more vibrant in the morning.
Would not hesitate to buy this product.
The only downside is my husband also loves it too, which means I have to share it with him.


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