The Spa At Fairmont Dubai

I love getting myself pampered at Spas more than anyone else I’ve known. The main reason why I choose Spas over Salons is that the facilities at a Spa are more than those at salons. Also, the quality of service is far better at a Spa than at any high-end salon. And above all, the serene ambiance at a Spa is something that you’ll never find at any high-end salon.


Two weeks ago, I was invited to review the Spa Ladies Night at The Spa at Fairmont Dubai. I’ve been to Spas alone and also with my husband, but I never got an opportunity to go to a Spa with a Girlfriend so I was very excited to try it out.


This is what the schedule looked like:

“2x 30min spa treatments for each person; healthy lunch by the poolside; sauna, steam room and jacuzzi experience; yoga class (on weekdays) and relaxation by the poolside and in the spa area.

If you are joining us on Tuesday, then we’d highly suggest you take your pampering to the next level from 10pm onwards, by heading down to Cavalli Club for a ladies night all-night-long dancing session.”



I arrived at the Spa at sharp 2 p.m along with my girlfriend. We were received with a warm welcome by the Spa manager. While we were filling in the mandatory Spa treatment forms, our healthy detox juices with ginger and greens greeted us. They even served us fresh fruit platters.




After filling the forms we were escorted to the sunset pool where our healthy lunch was served. The lunch included chia seeds and berry smoothie, Quinoa Salad, grilled SHrimps & vegetables along with a brown bread sandwich. For desserts, we had granola balls which tasted delicious. The lunch was not just healthy but very tasty and filling as well. We even ordered some fresh fruit juices and water.







After lunch, around 4 p.m we were escorted by our smiling therapists to our changing rooms where we kept all our belongings and changed into our robes and headed towards our respective Treatment rooms.





I loved the fact, that the treatment rooms were separate from the other Spa areas and there was a special access card to go to the treatment rooms to ensure the privacy of the clients. I love such small details. The minute we entered the treatment rooms area, the light was dim and the relaxing Spa music was playing in the background, I was transported into a very tranquil zone and I switched off my brain and left all my worries at the other side of the door.




My therapist Halala was highly trained and very professional. She was originally from South Africa. Since I had already done my facial a week ago, I requested her to give me one-hour full body massage instead. My friend, however, got the facial and massage treatment. She made me smell the oils to choose one out of four. She didn’t tell me the names of the oils, rather she made me choose based on what was most appealing to me naturally. I chose a rose based oil as it attracted me the most.



My relaxation massage was a combination of deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. I loved the unique massaging techniques that my therapist used during my massage treatment. She started off with my neck and then moved to my shoulders, untangling all the stress knots in my body. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. By the end of my treatment, I was almost asleep since I was feeling so relaxed.





We were out of our treatment rooms by 5 p.m and were taken to the relaxation area where we were served our green tea with honey.


After we were done our Spa treatments, we headed over to the sunset pool to swim. The view from the swimming pool terrace is breathtakingly beautiful. You can see all the skyscrapers from there.





After swimming in the pool, we headed to the jacuzzi to sit back and relax. Then we even used the steam room. I prefer not to use the steam room at other hotels, after a Spa treatment because I have claustrophobia, and being alone in a steam room scares me. So this was an excellent experience being accompanied by my bestie. By the time we finished using the steam room, we were so exhausted. We rushed to the shower rooms.



On our way back, we were even gifted goodie bags which came to us as a beautiful surprise. The cute travel pouch included Kerstin Florian sunscreen and toiletries.


On the whole, The Spa Ladies Night, which basically is a whole day package starting from the afternoon, is a great way to wind down and spend some quality time with a girlfriend, sister or even your mother. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had too many activities to do that it was totally worth it. I would recommend it to everyone who loves to be pampered for an entire day along with a special lady in your life. The Spa Ladies Night Package is priced at AED 349.




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