K7L Cosmetics

I love reviewing makeup, especially when it’s a relatively new brand in the market which is not very common. When I got a chance to work with k7l cosmetics, I was highly elated.

About K7L Cosmetics

“K7L is the culmination of a decade of meticulous market research and observation into a demographic that has had an intimate relationship with beauty throughout history, a relationship which is constantly evolving.

Beauty, in its rawest form, is not a case of style over substance, but rather a case of substance as style. Like food or fashion or artistry, it is graded by the quality of its ingredients and the confidence of its carrier. It is the substance of a creation which separates luxury from its imitations. With that in mind, we created a line of cosmetics whose quality of texture and effect spoke louder than its style, whose substance was its style.

Our focus was on formulating a line of products that would stand up to the highest standards of professional makeup artists. We offer our end-consumers admission into the gates of A-list luxury.

Committing to minimalist branding, our concentration is on the functionality of our products, not the fabulousness of packaging. We chased audacious hues, richly pigmented color, smooth application, intensity and durability, until we found ourselves with a comprehensive range of products to suit every woman, on every occasion.”

What’s in a Name?

“We aspired to connect K7L’s Arabic origins to the western world we envision embracing the brand in the near future. To the western eye, K7L reads as two letters with the lucky number ‘7’ wedged in between. But the number ‘7’ in Arabia has widely started to be used colloquially to denote a hard, guttural ‘H,’ an inflection not pronounced in the English language. To those who speak Arabic, K7L actually reads ‘KHL’ which is the Arabic word for traditional eyeliner. It’s our way of encrypting our roots into the brand, so that no matter what international path it follows, it will always possess that link to its foundations.”



Liquid Lipsticks

A knockout punch of color for the champions of bold, beautiful lips. This liquefied formula makes for honey smooth application, and its moisture-rich ingredients optimize shine for a look that demands attention wherever you go.

  • Quick, easy application
  • Full Coverage
  • Infused with Moisture
  • The Ultimate in Shine







Lipstick Creme

The staying power of the Matte Lipstick with the decadent texture of a cream. This formula works overtime to nourish and condition your lips while giving them the velveteen finish of a bold matte. Power has never felt so ‘soft’.

  • Soft Velvet Finish
  • Full Coverage
  • Moisturizes and nourishes




Luxe Lipstick Matte

A high-impact matte effect lipstick with rich hydrating properties for smoother application and a finish that’s softer and more supple than your traditional matte. The thick, richly pigmented formula keeps intense color locked in all day, and the added moisture prevents lips from cracking and over-drying. There are 32 colors, ranging from cool neutrals to hot pinks and fiery reds.


Lipsilk Matte

Their robust matte effect lip crayon combines the precision of a pencil with the smooth application of a lipstick. Loaded with lavish pigments for vivid color, and fortified with soft emollients for a silky smooth texture, lips are invigorated with moisture while retaining a cool matte finish all day long. Use as a liner, a complete lip color, or as a base to blend and experiment with other shades.



Eye Glo

No one-trick pony, this pure pigment loose powder can be used for a host of beauty duties. Use it to highlight eyes for dramatic impact, wet as a sparkling eyeliner, or an all-over face and body highlighter. Whatever you do, just ‘go with the glo!’

  • Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine
  • Versatile
  • Finely milled
  • Youthful Radiance
  • Iridescent Shine

How to Use

  1. Apply a little product on the brush, tapping off any excess.
  2. As an eyeshadow dust, apply over our Classic Eyeshadow to create a fourth dimension-Shine! Create a metallic finish by layering with other colors.
  3. Add a drop of water to transform into an eyeliner with a reflective surface, absorbing every ray of light in proximity.
  4. Apply over blush to emit a radiant beam from your cheeks.
  5. Dust over the natural light reflecting contours of the body, such as the décolletage to give the impression of silky soft skin.






Illumina HD

Indulge in a master class of color, with high-definition bold powder paints daring to be discovered. Worried about the potential mess? Don’t be. With a built-in sifter, the contents are not going to burst out of the container as soon as you open the lid. If you haven’t used loose powder before, don’t be afraid to try it. Follow our ‘How to Use’ guide below and see how simple it really is. Experiment with different colors to create a palette of endless possibilities.

  • 3D Reflective Rich Pigments

How to Use

  1. Probably one of the most common mistakes people make when applying loose eyeshadow is failing to apply an eyeshadow primer. You bought HD paints, not watercolors, so create a base that is going to make the pigment pop. Their Eye & Lip Primer provides a sticky surface for the powder to grab onto and creates a crease-free finish.
  2. Dip your eyeshadow brush into a little powder. There should be enough on the lid or on the sifter to work with.
  3. Pat the brush over the eyelid, building up as much color as you wish.  Wait a few seconds to dry before blending.
  4. Apply a tiny bit more powder to the tip of a blending brush and gently soften out the edges.
  5. Work as a mono-shade or layer with different shades for an alternative look.


Waterproof Eye Liner

Subtle smoke screen or sultry siren? Whatever look you are trying to achieve, this pencil has you covered. The waterproof formula makes it essential wear for emotional welcomes and teary goodbyes.

  • Non-traditional Creamy formula
  • Waterproof
  • 24-hour wear

 How to Use

  1. Start out with their Eye & Lip Primer.
  2. Draw small dots along your lashes directly above your upper lash line. Keeping as tight to the base of your eyelid as you can.
  3. Join the dots using short, linear strokes to create an even line.
  4. Taper the lines at the outer corners slightly to avoid a rounded dot at the corner of your eye. This will shorten rather than elongate the appearance of the eye.
  5. Draw along the lower eyelid starting from inside the eye all the way out.


Waterproof Lip Liners

Define your pout, and prevent your lipstick from running with our waterproof lip liner pencil. Keep your favorite lipstick or gloss in check throughout the day with a full coverage formula that doesn’t budge. The perfect way to maximize a thin lip or show off a voluptuous pout!

  • Full coverage
  • 24-hr wear
  • Waterproof
  • Non-Traditional

How to Use

  1. Apply K7L Eye & Lip Primer to condition the lips.
  2. Use a steady hand to define the outline of your lip, then blend for an invisible technique that yields visible results.
  3. Hot Tip: If your lips are uneven, use the liner to align both sides for a flawless look.
  4. Fill in with your desired lipstick or gloss.
  5. Just FYI: Our lip liners also double as lipsticks! If you are in love with a shade, then by all means INDULGE!



Glow Dust

Like a sweet-singing mocking-jay on a warm spring morning, this glow dust is like a natural alarm clock for your skin. These sparkling powders awaken and brighten, preparing you to face the day with confidence.  They can be used to highlight, bronze, and polish the look of your makeup.

  • Illuminant shimmer
  • Lightweight
  • Wearable day and night


How to Use

  1. Just like you can’t sprinkle icing sugar over a mound of dirt and call it a cake, you can’t create a flawless face of makeup without the right preparation of ingredients. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, begin your beauty regime with our oil-balancing Face Primer and one of our foundations.
  2. Once you have set an immaculate base, you can get to work on highlighting your features. Dust the Glow Dust over your chosen shade of blush or bronzer to amplify their effect.
  3. This product is not confined to one use. It can be applied above the brow and in the corners of the inner eye to open them up wide.
  4. It can be brushed over the décolletage to create elegant definition.


Creme Eyeliner

The professional precision with minimal skill.  Crème eyeliner is fast becoming the texture of choice for beauty insiders. This versatile liner shades, contours and defines for a killer silk finish that smolders and endures. Can be used to create a smoldering smoky eye or a softer, subtle effect.

  • Rich, Creamy Formula
  • Velvet finish
  • Effortless Application
  • Shade/Define/Contour
  • Waterproof

How to Use

  1. Use our liner brush EX7 and dab on the product until you’ve got the right consistency.
  2. Apply on your upper eyelid, right above the lashes. Start the application from the inner eyelid and brush outward in a fine, steady motion, always keeping tight to the eyelashes.
  3. Repeat with the lower lash line.
  4. Be careful not to smear it onto the eyelids. Always wait for a section to dry before retouching.
  5. Match other eye using the same volume and consistency.



My Verdict:

I was highly impressed by the quality of all of the products. I particularly loved the Glo Dust highlighter, the creme eye liner, the waterproof eye liners, the lip liners. The loose pigments – illumina HD and eye glo are my favorites. You can use them for multiple functions. If I talk about the lippies, my favorites are Luxe Lipstick Matte and Lipsilk matte. They are very moisturizing and they are long lasting. The creme lipsticks are very creamy in texture but they will leave marks on your glass and would come off easily. But still, they’re manageable. The only product that was a miss for me was the liquid lipstick. The texture is very liquidy so your lipstick would bleed if you apply a little more than needed. It will slip so it’ll be on your teeth and you will eat it and drink it every time you eat and drink.

On the whole, I really liked the K7L cosmetics and will recommend their products to my friends and followers.

K7L cosmetics are available at Beatty Nation at Tryano which is located in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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