My Experience at The Spa at Address Boulevard

No hotel stay is complete without the indulgence of a spa break, and at The Address Boulevard, they have the world’s finest Spa. I feel really fortunate that I got the opportunity to review The Spa at Address Boulevard during my staycation at the Premium Luxury Hotel, a week ago. Forget the daily grind for a moment and treat yourself, or a significant other, to some much-needed time at one of Dubai’s best spas. After all, everyone deserves a bit relaxation time occasionally.

About The Spa at Address Boulevard

The Spa at Address Boulevard is a world away from the stresses and strains of modern life and a haven of tranquillity that allows the restoration and rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. A truly exquisite setting, it is located in the brand new Address Boulevard hotel, the latest development from Emaar Hospitality Group in Dubai.

Address Boulevard is the new luxury lifestyle city resort of the Address Hotels + Resorts portfolio, underlined by contemporary, elegant design and furnishings, warm and attentive service, and enviable settings that further heighten the experience of living ‘where life happens’.

The Spa at Address Boulevard stands out as the ultimate relaxation destination, yet remarkable in its setting on an entire floor spanning 700 sq. m. It provides guests with rejuvenating therapies and signature treatments and is also dedicated to beauty and wellness. Other features include a dedicated and exclusive outdoor spa pool, 10 dedicated single treatment rooms, private couple’s treatment suite, manicure and pedicure areas, and a private vitality pool.

Visitors are offered personalized spa treatments where every session is transformed into a unique and personal occasion, combining the best of ancient and modern therapies with the finest quality ingredients and most advanced skin care technologies.  Another unique element of the Spa experience is the array of teas offered. Each treatment has a recommendation of a tea blend which should be taken after the therapy to provide the ultimate benefits to detoxification and relaxation.

A part of the experience is centered on an unrivalled offering of detoxifying treatments and inspirational therapies that replenish every aspect of the body. The venue’s must-try amenities include relaxation lounges, male and female thermal suites, steam rooms, saunas, rhassoul and hammam, and a dedicated outdoor swimming pool where guests can also enjoy some snacks and beverages.



The sitting area






The reception desk is warm and inviting, and I was escorted to the lounge where I had to fill the mandatory form and they offered me detox water and a cold hand towel to wipe my hands.


The Form


Then I was quickly shown to the changing area. Lockers are provided in which to keep your clothes and valuables during your treatment, and, as is customary for a massage, robes, slippers and disposable underwear were placed in the lockers.


Lockers & Changing Area


Then I was escorted to my treatment room by my friendly therapist who asked me to choose an oil for my massage. I chose the one with Lavender.


Variety of Massage oils to choose from


Before the massage began, my feet were washed in a luxurious footbath. As my therapist began to discuss the massage and the areas of tension that I would like her to focus on, I became more and more relaxed.

The treatment room itself was incredibly comfortable, and the thing that struck me most upon entering was the heavenly scent with a relaxing, sleep-inducing aroma; and all this was before I had even laid down on the bed. Throughout the entire treatment, the lights remained dim, which was a really good idea, as I think bright lighting would have ruined the effect somewhat. Like all the luxurious world class Spas, relaxing music playing in the backgroud continuously and it really aids in switching off your mind and forgetting about all of your worries.


Foot Cleanse



It was then time for me to climb onto the massage bed, which was super comfortable. I tried the 60 minutes Deep Tissue Body Massage; my therapist kneading her expert fingers on my tired and tensed muscles. Firstly, my shoulders and back were worked on, with my choice of oil. As she got to work, I could really feel the knots that were melted away under the firm yet relaxing pressure of her hands. For somebody who loves a good back massage, this was a real treat! I hadn’t realized how much tension I carried in my shoulders in particular; the result of hours spent hunched over my laptop like many people. By the end of the 60-minute treatment, I felt regenerated.




Massage Bed


I had explained to my therapist that I was a bit ticklish on my legs, so she was very gentle on my legs! To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the leg massage as well, this time. It was a sensual experience during which I could feel my tense calf muscles begin to relax. Regular inquiries were made to ensure that I was happy with the pressure, which I was.

Turning over onto my back, I became even more comfortable as a soft, weighted eye mask was placed over my eyes. I ventured close to the edge of sleep as if suspended somewhere between dreams and reality.

The second treatment that I tried was The 60 minutes Rose Facial. My therapist first removed my entire makeup and then she began with cleansing my face with a rose based creamy cleanser. The natural fragrance of rose itself felt so romantic and for a moment I felt like a bride. La Sultane De Saba Paris products were used for this luxurious Rose Facial. Rose based exfoliant, Rose toner, and Rose based mask were used during this facial. At the end of the facial, my skin was left deeply cleansed and glowing like a blushing bride. I would personally recommend this facial to all the brides to be. I loved the fact that there was no vigorous scrubbing or steam involved in this facial.

Note– If you choose this facial, beware that the creams used (or one of them) might have a bleaching effect on your facial hair so don’t use bleach on your face prior to this facial.





Rose Facial Products


At the end of the treatment, my therapist gave me the option of showering but advised me to allow the oil to settle into my skin to help with the dryness. I followed her advice and went to the relaxation area to enjoy a delicious Very Berry Tea, which was exactly what I was craving.

Leading on from the main spa is the relaxation area, which I was able to visit after my treatment. This area features beautiful beds with curtains for privacy. It was the perfect place to enjoy the very berry tea that I was offered after my massage along with some dry fruit.


Relaxation Area




Very Berry Tea, Dry Fruit & Dates




The passage that leads to the Vitality Pool & Sauna


After I finished my very berry tea, I changed into my swim wear and relaxed in the private vitality pool for half an hour. If you’re not carrying your pool wear, they offer you disposable swim wear instead.


Vitality Pool




There’s also a sauna, although sadly I did not get a chance to visit that.






The changing area contained showers, changing rooms, large mirrors along with hair dryers and straighteners with a range of products for showering & moisturizing afterwards.


Shower Rooms


As soon as I came out of the vitality pool, I took a shower in one of the shower rooms.


Dressing Area


I headed to the dressing area and dried my hair with a hair Dryer. I even used the GHD Straightener as I had a dinner date with my husband later in the evening. I really love these small details that go a long way.


Hair Dryer, Straightener & amenities



World class GHD Hair Straightener




Overall, I had an unforgettable experience at The Spa at Address Boulevard and I would definitely go back to pamper myself here because of the friendly staff, excellent service and because of the fact that they didn’t leave any stone unturned to provide you  an extensive array of treatments in a world-class setting that makes it an exciting destination. They have paid attention to detail in terms of amenities, ensuring that the guests have several options to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Their specially trained staff and unique facilities deliver the ultimate sensational spa journey and not just a spa ritual.

For more details on The Spa at Address Boulevard, please contact +971 4 561 8888 or email





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