De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker

Cooking just got easier and healthier! The De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker is an innovative cooking appliance combining a low-oil fryer and a multi cooker to meet each and every need for all kitchens of the world.


It enables you to rapidly fry tasty fresh potatoes in a healthier way with minimum oil and to prepare a variety of recipes: from risottos to couscous, from stews to ratatouilles. Multifry even allows you to bake pizzas, cakes and pies. Moreover, Multifry is equipped with an automatic mixing paddle: so you can do something else while Multifry cooks and gently mixes for you.


What is De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker?

The Multifry Multicooker is a health fryer that promises to do much more than cooking large quantities of healthier (2.8% fat) chips.


It cooks from above and below, with two independent elements and a removable paddle to stir ingredients. This means it’s versatile enough to cook everything from risotto to gingerbread… although you probably have perfectly good ways of cooking these dishes already.


A professional multicooker and a low oil fryer, equipped with the SHS double pro (double independent heating elements, the lower one with 1000 W power), automatic mixing process, dial with 7 food programs, digital control panel, maximum food capacity 1.7 kg of fresh potatoes.

  • Excellent Cooking Performance
  • Rapid Cooking
  • More Recipes
  • High Food Capacity
  • Lower Heating Element (800W)
  • Recipes Selector Knob
  • Digital Control Panel




The Multifry multicooker is fairly large: wider and shorter than a traditional deep fat fryer. It cooks in two directions at once: from an element below and from an element and fan above, blasting the top with hot air. The two are independently controlled, which gives the Multifry Multicooker the versatility to cook a wide range of foods, not just healthy chips.


Apart from that, the Multifry Multicooker also has a removable paddle – use it to constantly stir dishes like risotto or chips, remove it to make a tart, pizza or pie. It comes with a small recipe booklet, but you can also download a free app (iOS and Android) with more than 250 recipes, or access these on the DeLonghi website.


Cleaning is simple: the bowl can go in the dishwasher. But whether washed by hand or machine, I did find that its non-stick finish was not spoilt.



Since I have decided to eat clean, I usually use De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker for cooking. I have cooked everything in it from pasta to rice to soups and vegetables. I love making fries in it. I even baked pizza in it once and it turned out great.

I used it regularly during Ramadan. Instead of deep frying the samosas and spring rolls, I used to bake them into this multifry with just a few drops of oil. I even made fritters in it which turned out great.

Here are a few recipes that I tried in my De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker. I grill vegetables in it with soy sauce, salt, and pepper.



I even made boneless chicken tikka in it along with fries which got ready in no time. The chicken was crispy brown on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside.




I even received a Multifry Grille for review which came in very handy to bake fish fillets or chicken or steaks. I just had to pour little water in the pan and remove the paddle. Then put the grill inside the pan and place marinated meat, chicken or fish and cook.




  • Extremely easy to operate, basically hit two buttons and go.
  • Easy to clean albeit by hand rather than a dishwasher.
  • Uses less oil than deep fat frying and thus healthier.
  • Can lift the lid to check on food during cooking.
  • Food stirs itself with the paddle (if using).
  • Easy way to make homemade chips.
  • Surprisingly lightweight machine but not flimsy.
  • Versatile range of things you can cook in it.
  • Brilliant for cooking risotto for six people without having to stir yourself.


  • Quite noisy. You’d not want to sit chatting to anyone in the same room.

My Verdict

The Multifry cooker enables me to rapidly fry tasty fresh potatoes in a healthier way with minimum oil and to prepare a variety of recipes. Now I can invite my friends and family over and cook anything from risottos to couscous and stews to ratatouilles. But that’s not all! The Multifry even allows me to bake delicious pizzas, cakes, and pies.

My conclusions are mixed; I love that it’s hands-free, letting you do other things but the high volume during operation is a pity. Hence I tend to use it before anyone comes home and cannot play music or stream TV at the same time.

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