LookX Derma Skin Polish Pads

As you may know, I’m a skincare junkie and I can also be very enthusiastic about a new product for the skin that comes in. It starts with a good dose of curiosity and a look at the ingredient list gets me all excited. Lately nothing has really caught my eye as more or less all the skincare products are all the same. Until the package with the LOOkX Derma Skin Polish Pads came in! I love peels, because it can do so much to the skin and help you achieve smoother and softer skin without any harsh exfoliation methods. It’s the first time I’m using any ready-to-use exfoliation pads created with the innovative AHA/BHA.


The easy alternative for the traditional scrubs; the LOOkX Derma skin polish pads. Mechanical, enzyme and AHA exfoliating in 1 easy to use pad. Glycolic acid is known for years as the best ingredient for a flawless skin, doctors use this ingredient often. A special cocktail of different fruit acids, patented active obtained from Tomato stem cell culture and vitamins give amazing results! 1 pad every day or 3 times a week for the face and neck. With the LOOkX Derma skin polish pads, you bring the professional treatment to your home. Exfoliates dead cells, allowing a healthier more radiant skin to emerge, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles and improves skin’s firmness. Immediately reveals brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin. This product lets you shine in one day!
Science meets nature…


The most important active ingredients in this product are patented tomato stem cells. These protect the skin from contamination, free radicals, premature aging, prolong skin cell life and strengthen the extracellular matrix. In addition, the Derma Skin Polish Pads contain three active ingredients that exfoliate without the need for scrub: glycolic and lactic acid ( AHAs ) and salicylic acid ( BHA ). This cleans pores, increases the moisture content and activates the renewal process. Vitamin PP (B3) enhances skin barrier, enhances skin tone, cleans and calms.



You can use the LOOkX Derma Skin Polish Pads twice, thrice or daily depending on how sensitive your skin is. With other traditional scrubs, the product usually gets in your hair and removal is a bit tedious. That’s definitely not the case with LookX. These pads are super convenient to use. Hence it is a very travel-friendly product that you can carry along on your vacations to ensure a cleansed skin. The pads are disposable. You use them once and dispose of.


I had initially started using it daily, every night after double cleansing. Then I realized that thrice a week was enough for my skin which doesn’t have too many blackheads or wrinkles at this age. But I don’t use it to remove my makeup. After I gently rub a pad on my face and neck, I let my face dry out completely before applying my night serum and cream.



  •  Improve the skin moisturisation
  •  Improve the lightness and pigmentation problems like age spots
  •  Stimulate the superficial cell growth
  •  Minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  •  Boost the collagen synthesis
  •  Create a longevity of the cells and protection of DNA
  •  Softens and smoothens the skin
  •  Regenerate the lower skin layers



I’ve been using it for a month. I use it thrice a week only as I feel that for my sensitive skin, I don’t need to use it daily since it contains both AHA and BHA. And my blackheads are totally gone. I don’t feel a single blackhead on my nose anymore. It hasn’t lightened the dark spots on my face yet. I had a few active acne when I started using these and I did notice a reduction in the size of my acne once I started using these. My skin does feel softer and smoother ever since I’ve been using these skin polish pads. Also, my skin feels plumper and looks fresh. My skin feels a bit drier than before after I wash my face. It hasn’t helped in preventing pimples. I still get pimples every once in a while on my face. I’m sure the pimples are not due to the use of this product.

I personally am loving this product and would love to continue using it in future as AHA/BHA is the latest trend that has taken over the skincare industry and is here to stay. They are currently not available in the U.A.E.

LOOkX Derma Skin Polish Pads € 37,95
Packaging 60 pcs

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