Elemis Giveaway

Hi, everyone! I’m really excited because I have teamed up with Elemis to do my first giveaway on my NEW website. At dubaigirl.ae I aim to do some luxurious giveaways to pamper my genuine subscribers- people who truly support me. I couldn’t have asked for a more luxurious brand than Elemis.

elemis gift


The rules are simple:

  1. Subscribe to my website.
  2. Follow Elemis Middle East on Instagram & Facebook.
  3. Follow dubaigirl.ae on Instagram & Facebook.
  4. Answer in the comments below “What is your skincare routine before bedtime?”
  5. Optional: Share on Facebook OR Repost on Instagram is a plus but not must. But kindly Share/Repost only once. No Spamming!


There will be TWO WINNERS! Each winner will win an ELEMIS gift hamper worth AED 500+. The winner will be announced on my Facebook page & Instagram by the end of April.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Giveaway is for U.A.E residents only.
  2. Only one entry per participant.
  3. Please comment only once under this post on my website.
  4. You will be disqualified if you fail to follow any of the rules.
  5. Those who unsubscribe after the giveaway is done, will be banned from participating in future giveaways.

I will continue conducting such luxurious giveaways in future, Exclusively for my Blog’s Subscribers. All the best!

16 thoughts on “Elemis Giveaway

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  1. My routine before bedtime is that i wash my face with a face wash. After that i use eye cream and a moisturiser or occasionally i use one or 2 drops of olive oil on face…and once a week i do cleansing and scrubbing followed by a mask n then moisturiser at night….to get a glowing skin in the morning and that it doesnt get exposure to sun after the mask…. thats it thank u..

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  2. Routine before bedtime is simply wash my face, apply moisturizer and Vitamin E oil and massage my face for 5-10 mins in circular motion and leave it overnight. For my body i apply lotion all over my hands and legs and massage for 10-15mins to relax my muscles and let the moisturizer sink in. And then i fall asleep peacefully 😜

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  3. My skin care routine before bedtime
    1.Remove makeup using a good makeup remover/wipes.
    2. Wash my face with lukewarm water
    3. Massage my face with a moisturiser.
    4. Apply eye cream
    5. Apply hyaluronic serum on face and neck area
    6. Apply lip balm.
    Before doing all these I take a shower and apply body lotion.
    I brush my hair, apply a hair cream and leave it to dry. I moisturise the most dry parts- hands and legs. I also use nail oil to protect my nail from drying.
    Its a long process but its worth.

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  4. My bedtime routine :
    1. Wash my fash squeaky clean with a hydrating face wash.
    2. Using a cleansing lotion, gently wipe away any remaining makeup/dirt on my face with a cotton pad.
    3. Toner to calm down and balance the ph level of my skin.
    4. Then I gently pat a serum, for my under eyes and skin.
    5. Finally a gel-based moisturizer on my face, and a lip balm. I also massage my face softly.
    6. For my hands & legs, I use a super hydrating moisturizer so that I wake up to baby soft skin. 🙂

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  5. Before bedtime I always cleanse my face, use a toner and then moisturizer my face. I also apply some cream on my feet too. Once a week I also use an exfoliater, then cleanse, tone and moisturizer. Occasionally I also apply a face mask before going to bed.


  6. My bedtime routine includes washing my face with my fav facewash and using a fruit scrub sometimes and then eye cream and moisturiser.

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  7. My skincare routine before bedtime involves washing my face with gel cleanser and then swipe with toner. After few seconds I apply anti aging serum on my face and eye cream under my eyes. Then follow up with a night cream as my moisturiser. On the days which my face gets severe breakouts, I skip all the creams and apply aloe vera gel as a sleeping mask and go to bed.

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  8. My skin care routine before bedtime-Remove my makeup—all of it completely.
    The most important thing I do to wake up looking fresh is to remove all of my makeup before bedtime. That means leftover mascara, lip color—everything. This ensures that my pores will be clean and my eyes relaxed. I always make sure to end my day with prayer and gratitude which gives me peace from within shinning outside too.


  9. Well, I remove my makeup preferably with self made coconut oil makeup remover after getting my facewash. Then I apply a moisturizer over and skin and body to keep it hydrated as I have a dry skin. Everyweek I cleanse and massage my face before applying moisturizer. Last but not least I apply an undereye cream and sleep peacefully 🙂
    Following on fb and IG As Sadia azmat.


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