GOSH BB Skin Perfecting Kit

Although GOSH BB Skin Perfecting Kit 02 Medium is designed to sculpt, conceal and highlight your skin but it’s a HUGE disappointment since the colors lack pigmentation.

This Kit contains two concealers to cover up small imperfections, reshape and sculpt the skin and a sparkling highlighter.



Apply the lightest color around and under the eye area and to brighten up dark circles and other dark areas on the skin. The sparkling highlighter can be applied on the cheekbones and beneath the brow.



You can also mix the shades to get the perfect match for your skin tone. This way you can get the most natural and flawless look. GOSH BB skin Perfecting Kit has a built in mirror that makes it the perfect on the go product.



Sadly the colors are not well pigmented and are very light on my skin as you can see above. The staying power is also weak. They don’t conceal my dark circles or contour since they’re so light in color. All I can see is an oily shine once I apply this. Even the highlighter isn’t too impressive because it doesn’t give the luminous glow. It only makes my skin look oily. I will surely not be buying this. Out of all the products that I chose at GOSH, this one is a waste. You should opt for the powder highlight and contour kit instead.

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