Glow Radiance Hydra Cream

This miracle cream offers instant comfort for the dehydrated skin. Hence it’s perfect for irritated and sensitive skin. It moisturizes and softens the skin & also helps reduce redness. With regular application,  it can assist in healing stressed skin.


Every morning after washing my face, I use this cream as a moisturizer. A small quantity goes a long way.

Smell & texture

The smell of this cream is very enchanting. This is very similar to defy cream in texture. But I feel the texture of this one is light and airy than defy. Like defy, hydra too is water based cream and quickly gets absorbed into your skin. It is non-greasy but has a very strong staying power.

Experience an uplifting, youthful and more radiant future with this moisturising anti-stress cream that offers instant comfort for the dehydrated skin. Indulge yourself with this super active cream, which is rich in pearl proteins and botanical ingredients that moisturise, soften and retexture the skin.
• provides skin-softening effects
• heals dehydrated and stressed skin.
Contains extracts of liquorice, mandarin and white lily, vitamin C, and camellia oil.



After using this cream daily for a month, I can say that it delivers what it promises. It has definitely worked well on my skin. Since I have a combination skin with cheeks being dry, I often suffer from redness and flakiness but after using this cream for a month, I have noticed a visible reduction in redness and thankfully there is no flakiness. I also use this cream as a primer under my base and the results are great.

My Verdict

This luxurious cream is a perfect moisturiser for acne prone & dehydrated skin. Having said that, it has its share of cons too.

Firstly it comes in a jar, which I find quite unhygienic. Secondly, it is priced at AED 250 which is quite expensive. Why would anyone spend so much on a moisturizer when they can buy the dupes at a much cheaper price from drugstores.

Would I be buying this myself?  No. Although I love everything about this product but the price is a bummer.

*References taken from the Glow Radiance Website.

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